Privacy Policy
Last updated: 05/05/2023

Your security is important to us. Therefore, the personal data you share with us is carefully protected.

As Valör Tourism and Congress Organizations, as the data controller, we aim to inform you about which personal data will be processed for what purpose, with whom and why the processed data may be shared, our data processing methods and legal reasons, and your rights regarding the processed data through this privacy and personal data protection policy.

Your collected Personal Data, Collection Method, and Legal Reason
Your identity (such as name, surname, date of birth), contact (such as address, email address, phone, IP, location), employee, social media, financial information, visual and audio recordings will be processed by us through cookies and other technologies, automatic or non-automatic methods, and sometimes obtained from third parties such as analytical providers, advertising networks, search information providers, technology providers, recorded, stored, updated during the service and contractual relationship between us, based on the legitimate interest processing condition.

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data
Your personal data shared with us will be processed in a lawful, appropriate, and proportional manner during the term of the agreement and the service to enable you to benefit from our services, to establish contracts with you, to fulfill the requirements of the services we provide in the best way and in accordance with our agreements, to enable you to exercise your rights arising from these agreements, to develop our products and services according to your needs and to inform you about these developments. Besides, to bring you together with more comprehensive service providers within legal frameworks and to fulfill the obligations arising from the law (sharing personal data with judicial and administrative authorities upon request), it will be processed and updated in accordance with its purpose.

To Whom and For What Purposes Collected Personal Data Can Be Transferred
Your personal data shared with us may be transferred to third parties and institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad, with whom we have contractual relationships, collaborate, or receive services to conduct our activities, and if necessary, to judicial and administrative authorities, provided that necessary technical and administrative measures are taken.

Your Rights as a Data Subject Whose Personal Data is Processed
As per Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law, everyone can use the following rights by applying to the data controller:

To learn whether personal data is processed,
To request information if personal data has been processed,
To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately for that purpose,
To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data has been transferred,
To request the correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
To request the deletion or destruction of personal data,
To request the notification of the transactions made under (e) and (f) to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred.