August 31, 2023 / HALL 1
08.00-08.15 Welcome
  Moderator: Giampaolo Gini
08.15-09.25 Macular Surgery Session Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Barbara Parolini, Giampaolo Gini
08.15-08.20 Introduction Barbara Parolini
08.20-08.25 Failed temporal inverted ILM flap in cases of FTMH, what to do next?! - Mohamed Moghazy Mahgoub
08.25-08.30 Modified Inverted Internal Limiting Membrane Flap Technique in Macular Hole Surgery: Perfluorocarbon Iron - Muhammed Nurullah Bulut
08.30-08.35 Surgical outcome of cabbage leaf technique of ILM peeling in large macular holes - Neeraj Sanduja
08.35-08.40 A new finishing touch for the temporal ınverted ınternal limiting membrane flap technique - Ecem Önder Tokuç
08.40-08.45 Discussion on macular hole
08.45-08.50 Human amniotic membrane graft for chronic macular hole - Cumali Değirmenci
08.50-08.55 Determination of postoperative positioning time after macular hole surgery by Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) - İrem Kırcı Doğan
08.55-09.00 Autologous Retinal Transplantation Mexican Consortium, experience of 100 cases - Sergio Rojas Juárez
09.00-09.05 Discussion on macular hole
09.05-09.10 Prediction of functional and anatomical progression in lamellar macular holes - Emanuele Crincoli
09.10-09.15 Long-term follow-up in the lamellar macular hole without vitrectomy - Akın Çakır
09.15-09.20 Surgical outcomes for the treatment of tractional and degenerative lamellar macular holes - Dong Young Park
09.20-09.25 Discussion on lamellar hole
09.25-10.00 Panel By Turkish Ophthalmological Association on Vitreoretinal Interface
  Moderators: Berati Hasanreisoğlu, Murat Öncel
09.25-09.30 Management of VMT - Gürsel Yılmaz
09.30-09.35 Alternative techniques for recurrent macular holes - Levent Karabaş
09.35-09.40 Update on idiopathic ERM - Nilüfer Koçak
09.40-09.45 Lamellar Holes: Whom to operate - Sinan Tatlıpınar
09.45-09.50 Can intraoperative OCT enhance macular surgery? - Murat Öncel
09.50-10.00 Discussion
10.00-10.15 Debate
  Moderator: Özgür Artunay
10.00-10.05 ILM peel without ILM flap - Gökhan Gürelik
10.05-10.10 ILM peel with ILM flap - Atul Dhawan
10.10-10.15 Votes
10.15-10.35 Coffee Break
10.35-10.50 Opening Ceremony
  Giampaolo Gini
10.50-11.25 Panel by All Indian Ophthalmology Society (AIOS): Surgery for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy - An Update
  Moderators: Anand Rajendran, Atul Dhawan
10.50-10.55 Case selection and preoperative consideration - Anand Rajendran
10.55-11.00 Tips in diabetic MIVS (Pre-Op Anti-VEGF, Membrane Surgery, Gas vs Oil , Laser) - Sangeet Mittal
11.00-11.05 Role of bimanual surgery in diabetic Tractional Retinal Detachment - Prashant Bawankule
11.05-11.10 Complication in surgery for diabetic vitrectomy: How to avoid and manage them - Vaibhav Sethi
11.10-11.15 Short Video - Jayanto Guha
11.15-11.25 Discussion
11.25-12.15 Surgery for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Samir El Baha, David Pelayes
11.25-11.30 To the question of proliferative vitreoretinopathy classification - Natalia Kislitsyna
11.30-11.35 Trimanual vitrectomy for severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy - Samir El Baha
11.35-11.40 Peripheral streak of pre-retinal hemorrhage after vitrectomy completion - A sign of Vitreoschisis - Sangeet Mittal
11.40-11.45 Diabetic vitrectomy: Mind set & different attack strategies - Ahmed Mansour
11.45-11.50 Discussion
11.50-11.55 Surgical Outcomes of Mitomycin C in Severe Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Cases - Gökhan Gürelik
11.55-12.00 Immediate sequential vitrectomy for diabetic retinopathy - Katarzyna Chwiejczak
12.00-12.05 Diabetic tractional retinal detachment in Mexico - Fausto Miguel Lechuga
12.05-12.10 ILM peeling in Diabetic Vitrectomy - Susana Martinez
12.10-12.15 Discussion
12.15-15.00 Live Surgery
12.15-13.45 Live Surgery 1st Group
  Moderators: Barbara Parolini, Giampaolo Gini
  Surgeons: Şengül Özdek, Grazia Pertile, Remzi Avcı, Hassan Mortada
  Panellist: Sangeet Mittal, Stratos Gotzaridis, Nur Acar Göçgil
13.45-15.00 Live Surgery 2nd Group
  Moderators: Barbara Parolini, Giampaolo Gini
  Surgeon: Guido Prigione, Şengül Özdek
  Panelists: Cengiz Aras, Mohamed Moghazy Mahgoub, Hany Hamza, Wei Chi Wu, Jayanto Guha
13.00-14.00 Lunch
15.00-15.30 Eurolam
  Moderators: David Pelayes, Fausto Miguel Lechuga
15.00-15.05 Subretinal bleeding removal by active irrigation of BSS - Jesus Gonzalez Cortes
15.05-15.10 Management of vitreoretinal surgical complex cases - Pablo Chiaradia
15.10-15.15 Challenging vitrectomy in herpetic retinitis - Rosy Romero
15.15-15.20 IOL iris fixation. Still a good option - Susana Martinez
15.20-15.30 Discussion
15.30-16.00 Ocular Trauma Management Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Hakan Durukan, Ahmed Mansour
15.30-15.35 Endoscope-assisted vitrectomy in the treatment of 133 severely traumatized eyes without light-perception - Yang Xun
15.35-15.40 Posterior segment intraocular foreign bodies: A 10-Year review - Angelina Meireles
15.40-15.45 Penetrating Ocular Trauma, tips and tricks to expect the unexpected! - Mohamed Moghazy Mahgoub
15.45-15.50 Prognostic factors for visual outcomes following intraocular foreign body removal - Anum Haneef
15.50-15.55 Effect of adjuvant mitomycin-C in severe traumatic retinal detachments surgery with retinotomy-retinectomy - Burak Acar
15.55-16.00 Discussion
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-17.40 Surgical Tips & Tricks / Management of Complications (My way) Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Ahmed Mansour, Çağrı Beşirli
16.30-16.35 Macular hole RD: Our novel flower petal technique - Ahmed Mansour
16.35-16.40 Management of retinal detachment with coexistent macular hole by submacular placement of retinal autograft - Levent Karabaş
16.40-16.45 A case of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with an unpredictable macular tear treated with autologous retinal graft - Sibel Demirel
16.45-16.50 A sandwich method of amniotic membrane transplantation in a challenging case of high myopic macular hole associated retinal detachment - Omer Othman Abdullah
16.50-16.55 Biopsy techniques for posterior segment tissue sampling - Lyndon da Cruz
16.55-17.00 Toxicity risk in VR surgery - Mario Romano
17.00-17.05 Trans-choroidal hybrid technique in management of subretinal proliferation - Maged Mikhael Gergess
17.05-17.10 Discussion
17.10-17.15 Dye-assisted occult retinal break detection in retinal detachment surgery - Sema Tamer Kaderli
17.15-17.20 Risk factors and management of cystoid macular edema following pars plana vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Oumayma Elmansouri
17.20-17.25 Comparison of the efficacy and ocular surface effects of sutureless, suturation and external diathermy techniques used in the closure of sclerotomies after 25-Gauge Transconjunctival Vitrectomy - İrfan Akalın
17.25-17.30 Use of subretinal BBG Dye to localise a missing retinal hole in Rhegmatogenous Detachment - Nishikant Jaywant Borse
17.30-17.40 Discussion
17.40-18.10 Late Breaking Developments & Updates on Clinical Trials (BBC Style) Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Mohamed Moghazy Mahgoub, Mohammed Tawfik
17.40-17.45 Update on DRCR clinical trials, 2023 - Ron Adelman
17.45-17.50 Efficacy, durability, and safety of faricimab in diabetic macular edema: 2-Year results from the phase 3 YOSEMITE and RHINE trials - Sibel Kadayıfçılar
17.50-17.55 Efficacy, safety, and durability of faricimab in neovascular Age-Related macular degeneration: Year 2 results from the phase 3 TENAYA and LUCERNE trials - Levent Karabaş
17.55-18.00 Innovation in robotic design for VR surgery - Lyndon da Cruz
18.00-18.05 Update on Geographic Atrophy - Ron Adelman
18.05-18.10 Discussion
18.10-18.40 Macular Hemorrhage Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Susana Teixeira, Jayanto Guha
18.10-18.15 Vitrectomy for sub ILM hemorrhage: Different causes and visual results? 3rd for the same author? - Hany Hamza
18.15-18.20 Interoperative OCT in management of submacular hemorrhage, is it additional tool ?!! - Maged Mikhael Gergess
18.20-18.25 Tissue plasminogen activator for the treatment of preretinal blood under silicone oil - Fevzi Şentürk
18.25-18.30 Comparison of three different techniques in the management of submacular hemorrhage - Anıl Korkmaz
18.30-18.35 Visual and anatomical results after vitrectomy with subretinal tPA injection in the Treatment of submacular hemorrhage secondary to Age-Related macular degeneration - Serhat Ermiş
18.35-18.40 Discussion
August 31, 2023 / HALL 2
09.00-10.00 Course: Biosimilars in Ophthalmology
  Moderators: Alper Bilgiç, Jesus Gonzalez Cortes
  Biosimilar concept - Jesus Gonzalez Cortes
  The use of Biosimilars in Ophthalmology, indications and opportunities - Shyamal Dwivedi
  Advantages and possible disadvantages of biosimilar drugs - Aditya Sudhalkar
  Clinical Trials of Biosimilars in Ophthalmology, Real-world data about Biosimilar - Se Joon Woo
  Biosimilars in the future - Alper Bilgiç
15.00-16.00 Rapid Fire Talks on VMT ERM
  Moderators: Maged Mikhael Gergess, Cengiz Aras
  Intraretinal hyperreflective lines in eyes with vitreomacular adhesion - Fatma Bağcı
  Foveal avascular zone distortion in epiretinal membrane by optical coherence tomography angiography - İlkay Kılıç Müftüoğlu
  Relationship between epiretinal membrane and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma - Ekin Ece Oskan
  Epimacular membrane surgery. My way - Wael Ahmed Ewais
  Factors related to cotton ball sign secondary to epiretinal membrane - İlkay Kılıç Müftüoğlu
  Role of optical coherence tomography findings in visual prognosis after epiretinal membrane surgery - Bilge Tarım
  The visual outcomes of idiopathic epiretinal membrane surgery in eyes with ectopic inner foveal layers - Doğukan Cömerter
  Comparison of postoperative retinal displacement in diabetic and idiopathic epiretinal membranes - Muhammed Numan Işın
16.00-17.00 Course: Surgery in Uveitis & Endophthalmitis
  Moderator: Ahmed Sallam
  Pars plana vitrectomy in uveitis and endophthalmitis - overview - Ahmed Sallam
  Pars plana vitrectomy in uveitis- diagnostic and therapeutic indications - Mohamed Moghazy
  Discussion 1: uveitis surgery
  How do you approach a post operative endophthalmitis based on presentation and available resources? - Giampaolo Gini
  Surgery for post operative endophthalmitis and traumatic endophthalmitis - Mohammed Tawfik
September 1, 2023 / HALL 1
08.00-08.30 MEACO Panel
  Moderator: Abdul Aziz Badla
08.00-08.05 Recurrent retinal detachment under silicon oil - Ibrahim Bouassida
08.05-08.10 PVR with multiple retinal tears - Hassan Mortada
08.10-08.15 Giant retinal tears with PVR - Faisal Fayyad
08.15-08.20 Roof-protected surgery in VMT syndrome - Remzi Avcı
08.20-08.30 Discussion
08.30-09.00 Inherited Retinal Disorders / Stem Cell Treatments
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Nur Acar Göçgil, Ayşe Öner
08.30-08.35 Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy in patients with retinitis pigmentosa - Nil İrem Uçgun
08.35-08.40 Psychophysical assessment of low visual function in patients with retinitis pigmentosa with the full-field stimulus threshold (FST) test - Ayşe Öner
08.40-08.45 Cystoid macular edema in rod dystrophy - Ivan Fišer
08.45-08.50 Henle’s Fiber Layer volumetric analysis in patients with cone dystrophy - Cem Kesim
08.50-09.00 Discussion
09.00-09.50 Controversies in Combined Surgeries (VRS with Cataract, keratoplasty or Glaucoma Surgeries)
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Sibel Demirel, Eleonora Beatriz Lavaque
09.00-09.05 Effect of phacovitrectomy and prior lens status on the surgical outcomes of 23 gauge pars plana vitrectomy for primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Şefik Can İpek
09.05-09.10 Outcomes and complications of combined vs. sequential cataract and pars plana vitrectomy - Ahmed Sallam
09.10-09.15 Postoperative refractive outcomes in eyes undergoing combined phacovitrectomy surgery for Epiretinal Membrane - Wilson Heriot
09.15-09.20 Discussion
09.20-09.25 Combined surgery of phacoemulsification, vitrectomy and implantation of Ahmed's valve in the treatment of neovascular glaucoma - Marko Ljubiša Zlatanovic
09.25-09.30 Visual and anatomical outcomes of pars plana vitrectomy for dropped nucleus - Anum Haneef
09.30-09.35 Buckle phaco vitrectomy for retinal detachment with PVR: Technique and outcome - Wael Ahmed Ewais
09.35-09.40 InTraocular EMulsion of silicone oil (ITEMS) grading system: an evidence-based expert-led consensus - Mario Romano
09.40-09.50 Discussion
09.50-10.30 Coffee Break
10.30-12.00 Techniques on Secondary IOL implantation/IOL Dislocations Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Matteo Forlini, Levent Karabaş
10.30-10.35 Lasso and other techniques for management of dislocated IOLs - Dhanashree Ratra
10.35-10.40 Visual and refractive outcomes of an opacified multifocal intraocular lens exchange. Can the bag be trusted? - Abbas Fahem
10.40-10.45 Scleral Bridge IOL: A novel technique for IOL fixation in aphakia without capsular support - Hany Hamza
10.45-10.50 Intravitreal needle technique for intrascleral haptic fixation of posteriorly dislocated three-piece intraocular lenses - Tansu Erakgün
10.50-10.55 Retropupillary Iris-Claw lens Implantation in Aphakic eyes: Technique and Tips - Wael Ahmed Ewais
10.55-11.00 Discussion
11.00-11.05 IOL exchange using Iris-Claw IOLs - Matteo Forlini
11.05-11.10 Gore-Tex scleral fixed intraocular lenses refractive results - Carla Perez Montano
11.10-11.15 Comparison of two sutureless techniques of scleral fixation of intraocular lens in surgical aphakia - Gamze Dereli Can
11.15-11.20 Double rectangular scleral mesh (DRSM) for severely subluxated/Dislocated IOLs: A closed vitrectomy approach - Ihab Saad Othman
11.20-11.25 Dislocated intraocular lenses - Tips and tricks of removal, repositioning and exchange - Neeraj Sanduja
11.25-11.30 Discussion
11.30-11.35 Yamane technique highlights and our conclusions - Alperen Bahar
11.35-11.40 Modified Yamane intrascleral haptic fixation results from a tertiary referral clinic - Halit Eren Erdem
11.40-11.45 Result of 140 cases of IOL implantation with Yamane technique combined with PPV - Gianluca Besozzi
11.45-11.50 A Novel Modified Flapless surgical Technique for sutureless scleral fixation of FIL SSF intraocular lens: a retrospective case series - Danilo Iannetta
11.50-11.55 Carlevale scleral fixated IOL. the ultimate solution - Stratos Gotzaridis
11.55-12.00 Discussion
12.00-12.15 Debate
  Moderator: Gianluca Besozzi
12.00-12.10 Iris fixation - Matteo Forlini vs Scleral fixation - Tansu Erakgün
12.10-12.15 Votes
12.15-12.30 Debate
  Moderator: Danilo Iannetta
12.15-12.25 For secondary IOL implantation scleral fixation carlevale style - Carlo Carlevale vs Scleral fixated IOL - Shin Yamane
12.25-12.30 Votes
12.30-13.30 General Assembly and Election
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.05 Innovations on Surgical Instrumentation / Artificial Intelligence Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Levent Akduman, Linda Lam
14.00-14.05 Developing an artificial intelligence model to detect epiretinal membranes in OCT by using a machine learning platform without typing code - Hakan Baybora
14.05-14.10 Digital Ophthalmology: Role of Augmented and Virtual Reality? - Linda Lam
14.10-14.15 A novel mobile application for communication between parents, pediatricians and ophthalmologists for retinopathy of prematurity screening providing artificial intelligence assisted retinopathy of prematurity diagnosis - Ayşe İpek Akyüz Ünsal
14.15-14.20 The use of artificial intelligence in the retina;Where and how? - Özlem Candan
14.20-14.25 Tips in dealing with surgical challenges of myopic macular holes with AXL more than 32 mm - Khalid Sabti
14.25-14.30 Discussion
14.30-14.35 Comparative study of commonly used intraocular forceps - Mahmut Doğramacı
14.35-14.40 Application of single-molecule localization microscopy in ophthalmology - Hyun Seung Yang
14.40-14.45 Impact of three-dimensional heads-up display on ergonomics, surgical performance and teaching in vitreoRetinal surgery in a tertiary eye care center - Yassine Malek
14.45-14.50 Modified MACULAR BUCKLE, the ultimate solution - Muhammad Samir Alhadad
14.50-14.55 Myopia support device (Titanium Macular Buckle): Outcomes of the first three cases - Levent Akduman
14.55-15.00 MTM-Stop device: Outcomes of the first 15 years of study on macula buckling - Barbara Parolini
15.00-15.05 Discussion
15.05-15.40 EGVRS Panel: Challenging Situations in Vitreoretinal Surgery
Moderators: Hany Hamza, Hassan Mortada
15.05-15.10 Retinal Detachment Associated with Choroidal Coloboma: Insights from - Hassan Mortada
15.10-15.15 A novel Device for Extra Large Intraocular Foreign Bodies: Samir El Baha's Perspective - Samir El Baha
15.15-15.20 Managing Challenging Diabetic Tractional Retinal Detachment: Evaluating the Adequacy of Unimanual Probe Vitrectomy - Mohammad Moghazy
15.20-15.25 Retinal Detachment Following Ozurdex Injection for Uveitis: Exploring the Case - Hassan Mortada
15.25-15.30 Iatrogenic Pneumomacular Hole: Analyzing the Incident and Lessons Learned - Hany Hamza
15.30-15.35 Macular Fold following Vitrectomy: Etiology and Management Strategies Explored - Samir El Baha
15.35-15.40 Discussion
15.40-16.05 ASRS Panel: Advances in Retina
  Moderators: Linda Lam, Giampaolo Gini
15.40-15.45 Monitoring nAMD with AI-enabled home OCT - Judy Kim
15.45-15.50 Reduce the surgical time by not completely draining the subretinal fluid in retinal detachment cases - Stratos Gotzaridis
15.50-15.55 Rhegmatogenous RD in uveitis: Do’s and Don’ts - Sofia Androudi
15.55-16.00 Management of macular folds - Giampaolo Gini
16.00-16.05 Discussion
16.05-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-17.00 EVRS Lecture
  Moderators: Giampaolo Gini, Barbara Parolini
  Giovanni Staurenghi
17.00-17.25 Challenging Cases of Medical Retina
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Bora Eldem, Sibel Kadayıfçılar
17.00-17.05 Different clinical entity findings of patients with polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy - Yasin Şakir Göker
17.05-17.10 Early detection and treatment of sympathetic ophthalmia - Perfecto Elpidio Octavio Roy Cagampang III
17.10-17.15 Case report of Post-typhoid neuroretinitis: A rare cause of visual morbidity - Perfecto Elpidio Octavio Roy Cagampang III
17.15-17.20 Atypical central serous chorioretinopathy in adolescents using oral contraceptives - Şevval Efe
17.20-17.25 Discussion
17.25-18.00 Panel: Challenging Cases of VRS
  Moderators: Hussain Khaqan , Ashraf Shaarawy, Giampaolo Gini
Tural Galbinur
Retinal detachment associated with AIDS related cytomegalovirus retinitis
Management of complicated retinal detachment with temporary keratoprosthesis
Rachid Tahiri
1. Retinal Inversion in aphakic patient
2. Use of intraoperative oct in prefoveal and retrofoveal hemorrhage
Tatyana Avanesova
1. Management of long-standing Rd with intra retinal cyst
2. Case of subretinal hemorrhage
Hussain Khaqan
1. Three IOL one eye , Choroidal Detachment ,How to proceed?
2. Silicone Band intrusion , Nightmare
3. Failed macular Hole Surgery , What Next?
Marcello Casellas
We have retinal fold,What to do now?
Use of cosine law to choose the correct forcep shaft length for macular surgery in high myopes.
Muhammad Samir Alhadad
GRT, How to manage
18.00-18.30 EVRS My Worst & More Threatening Video: What to do and Not to do
  Moderator: Mario Romano
Pole to pole and more - Susana Cura
Two IOLs dropped in Vitreous Chamber - Matteo Forlini
Post RD PVR peeling – Haemorrhage - Stratos Gotzaridis
Fluid air exchange … in the wrong site - Danilo Iannetta
September 1, 2023 / HALL 2
08.00-09.00 Course: Principles, Pitfalls and Artifacts in OCT and OCTA
  Moderator: Ali Erginay
  Instructors: Ali Erginay, Figen Şermet
  Course will focus on:
  - Principe of OCT and OCTA
  - Imaging modalities, advantages and disadvantages
  - Which imaging protocoles for which pathologies
  - Artifacts and pitfalls
  - Interprétation errors
  - Use of multimodal Imaging for better diagnosis
09.30-11.00 Course: ROP
  Moderators: Şengül Özdek, Anna Ells
  Introduction - Şengül Özdek
  ICROP 3 update - Anna Ells
  Anti-VEGF treatment for ROP and its systemic side effects - Wei Chi Wu
  Long term sequelas of ROP as a lifelong disease - Susana Teixeira
  Laser treatment for ROP and long term consequences of exudative RD after laser for ROP - Michael Blair
  Stage 4a ROP : Surgical treatment - Çağrı Beşirli
  Update on surgery for Stage 5 ROP - Antonio Capone Jr.
11.10-11.50 Rapid Fire Talks on Uveitis
  Moderators: Perfecto Elpidio Octavio Roy Cagampang III, Sibel Demirel
  Combined ocular signs leading to a diagnosis of rare systemic disease: Bilateral Angioid Streaks with Optic Nerve Head Drusen and abnormal retinal haemorrhage in a case of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (PXE) - Mahjabeen Choudhury
  CNVM in vogt koyanagi harada disease - Kshitij Raizada
  To report three cases of unilateral Eales disease with presumed tubercular etiology and management, including a combination of oral steroids plus antituberculosis (anti-TB) therapy. Methods: The clinical, serological, tuberculin skin test, a - Omer Othman Abdullah
  Peripapillary and macular choroidal vascularity index in migraine patients during acute attacks - Dilara Özkoyuncu Kocabaş
  Sympathetic Ophthalmia: Three years - Perfecto Elpidio Octavio Roy Cagampang III
  Posterior segment parameters after uveitic cataract surgery: a prospective study with 1-year results - Nur Doğanay Kumcu
13.30-14.30 Rapid Fire Talks on Macular Holes
  Moderators: Hany Hamza, Fevzi Şentürk
  When the macula acts tough - Pooja Sinha
  Combined ILM flap under perfluorocarbon liquid and laser ablation for optic disc pit maculopathy: technique and rationale - Wael Ahmed Ewais
  Optical coherence tomography angiography changes after surgery for optic disc pit maculopathy: a case series and literature review - Muhammet Kazım Erol
  Lamellar macular holes: Which ones to touch - Hany Hamza
  Microperimetric findings could explain subjective visual complaints in patients, whose vision improved to 20/20 (logMAR 0) after macular hole surgery - Fevzi Şentürk
  Evaluation of retinal microvascular differences after successful macular hole surgery with superior inverted flap technique or temporal inverted flap technique - Utku Limon
  Superior inverted internal limiting membrane flap technique in idiopathic macular hole surgery - Emre Avcı
14.40-15.30 Course: Trauma
  Moderator: Giampaolo Gini
  Timing in Ocular Trauma Surgery - Giampaolo Gini
  Complex Retina Surgery in Open Globe Injuries - Faisal Fayyad
  Anterior Segment Reconstruction in Severe Trauma - Matteo Forlini
15.30-16.00 Rapid Fire Talks on Trauma
  Moderators: Nilüfer Koçak, Mohammed Tawfik
  Full thickness corneal patch graft outcomes in traumatic or spontaneous corneal perforation - Sibel Ahmet
  Giant Macular Hole in complex Trauma - Wael Ahmed Ewais
  The clinic outcome of open ophthalmic injuries in western of turkey - Erdinç Aydın
  The epidemiology of open globe injuries: A ten-year retrospective analysis at a tertiary care center in Istanbul, Turkey - Nursel Melda Yenerel
  Large retinal hole following injury by q-switched nd:yag laser - Kshitij Raizada
16.00-17.00 Rapid Fire Talks on ROP
  Moderators: Susana Teixeira, Ayşe İpek Akyüz Ünsal
  Clinical and demographic characteristics of treatment requiring retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in big premature infants in turkey – big-rop study report no:1 - Hüseyin Baran Özdemir
  ROP multiple injections, when to stop? - Sara Ahmed Tawfik
  Optometrist based screening for retinopathy of prematurity - a validation study using portable wide-field paediatric imaging system - Vishal Govindahari
  The effect of retinopathy of prematurity on corneal topography and corneal endothelial function parameters - Sibel Yavuz
  Do we need to screen very big babies for retinopathy of prematurity? - Ayşe Ipek Akyüz Ünsal
  Rop Screening & Imaging modalities...our way - Ahmed Mansour
  Coats Disease: The whole spectrum - Ihab Saad Othman
17.00-18.00 Course: Breaking the Retinal Barrier: Journey to the Subretina and Choroid
  Moderator: Jayanto Guha
  Chorio-retinectomy - Sangeet Mittal
  Choroidal detachments and choroidal drainage techniques - Nishikant Jaywant Borse
  Sub-retinal PVR - Jayanto Guha
  Restoring traumatic choroidal ruptures/ tears with choroidal detachments - Gökhan Gürelik
  Management of submacular haemorrhage – small to large - Agnieska Nowosielska
  Supra-choroidal haemorrhage – causes, prevention and management - Sangeet Mittal
  Management of old massive sub-macular haemorrhage with autologous RPE choroid transplant - Barbara Parolini
  Choroidal tumor surgery -  Hany Hamza
September 2, 2023 / HALL 1
08.00-09.00 ROP Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Michael Blair, Anna Ells
08.00-08.05 Smartphone application links severity of retinopathy of prematurity to early motor behavior in a cohort of high-risk preterm infants - Michael Blair
08.05-08.10 Refractive evaluation of prophylactic laser treatment for persistent avascular retina in eyes treated with primary intravitreal bevacizumab - Nihat Sayın
08.10-08.15 ROP stage 5 different strategies - Muhammad Samir Alhadad
08.15-08.20 The emergence of AROP in Bangladesh: A report on the prevalence, treatment and visual outcome of ROP from January 2021- September 2022 in a tertiary hospital in Bangladesh - Mahjabeen Choudhury
08.20-08.25 Discussion
08.25-08.30 ROP surgery in older children: Can you help? - Ihab Saad Othman
08.30-08.35 Pulmonary function in school-age children following intravitreal injection of bevacizumab for retinopathy of prematurity - Wei Chi Wu
08.35-08.40 The war on retinopathy of prematurity: Where are we now? - Lalit Agarwal
08.40-08.45 Five year follow-up results of retinopathy of prematurity cases treated by laser or injection - Semra Acer
08.45-08.50 ROP behind the scene imaging ! - Sara Ahmed Tawfik
08.50-09.00 Discussion
09.00-09:15 Debate
Persistent Peripheral Avascular Retina in ROP:
09.00-09.10 To treat - Michael Blair vs Not to treat - Susanna Teixeria
09.10-09.15 Votes
09.15-10.35 Updates on Pediatric Vitreoretinal Surgery
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Antonio Capone Jr., Şengül Özdek
09.15-09.20 Wnt retinopathies - Antonio Capone Jr.
09.20-09.25 Anti-VEGF drugs for pediatric retinal diseases? - Anna Ells
09.25-09.30 Importance of FFA in ROP - Susana Teixeira
09.30-09.35 Surgical management of adult ROP complications - Çağrı Beşirli
09.35-09.40 Laser prophylaxis in stickler syndrome - Michael Blair
09.40-09.45 Discussion
09.45-09.50 The Long-term surgical outcomes of patients with posterior and combined PFV - Wei Chi Wu
09.50-09.55 Severe anterior persistent fetal vasculature: the role of anterior retinal elongation on prognosis - Şengül Özdek
09.55-10.00 Surgical outcomes of posterior persistent fetal vasculature syndrome: Cases with Tent-Shaped and closed Funnel-Shaped retinal detachment - Ece Özdemir
10.00-10.05 Discussion
10.05-10.10 Subfoveal nodule in coats’ Disease: Stages, prognosis, and treatment - Şengül Özdek
10.10-10.15 Complex syndromic pediatric rhegmatogenous retinal detachment: Surgical technique & outcome - Hassan Mortada
10.15-10.20 Development of cataract following Lens-Sparing vitrectomy in pediatric eyes - Merve Oral
10.20-10.25 Congenital X-Linked Retinoschisis: Surgical needs and outcomes in long term a retrospective multicenter international study - Hüseyin Baran Özdemir
10.25-10.30 Long-term surgical outcomes of pediatric retinal detachment associated with congenital glaucoma - Merve Özbek
10.30-10.35 Discussion
10.35-11.00 Zivojnovic Award and Lecture
  Introduction by Şengül Özdek
  The Philosophy of Pediatric Vitreoretinal Surgery - Antonio Capone Jr.
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-11.55 Ocular Oncology Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Ihab Saad Othman, Martina Angi
11.30-11.35 Strawberry eyes: A case of multiple bilateral orbital masses in an infant - Josemaria Castro
11.35-11.40 Biopsy for choroidal and retinal tumors: why and how ! - Hany Hamza
11.40-11.45 Update on surgical management of complex retinal detachment associated with retinal capillary hemangioblastoma in Von Hippel-Lindau disease - Remzi Avcı
11.45-11.50 Mystery of the mass- Choroidal granuloma as the presenting sign of disseminated tuberculosis- Monisha Apte
11.50-11.55 Discussion
11.55-12.30 Panel on Ocular Oncology
  Moderators: Murat Hasanreisoğlu, Tuba Atalay
Mystery case
11:55-12:00 Pukhraj Rishi
12:00-12:05 Tuba Atalay
12:05-12:10 Martina Angi
12:10-12:15 Murat Hasanreisoğlu
12:15-12:20 Ihab Saad Othman
12:20-12:30 Discussion
12:30-13.00 Satellite Symposium
Faricimab “Power of Two”: Advancing the management of nAMD and DME via Ang-2/VEGF-A dual inhibition - Bora Eldem, Figen Şermet
13.00-13.40 Lunch
13:40-14.25 Update on Retinal Detachment (Risk, PNR, Buckle, Laser) Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Rajeev Muni, Mariano Irós
13:40-13.45 Invivo generated autologous plasmin(IVAP) assisted vitrectomy, oral retinotomy, silicone oil injection for the treatment of chronic retinal detachment - Cengiz Aras
13:45-13.50 Reattachment rate with pneumatic retinopexy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with a single break in detached retina - Aurora Pecaku
13:50-13.55 The implementation of pneumatic retinopexy in the Japanese population - Kunihiko Akiyama
13:55-14.00 Chandelier-Assisted Scleral Buckling with Illuminated Endolaser Retinopexy - Nur Acar Göçgil
14:00-14.05 Discussion
14:05-14.10 Bacillary layer detachment in the pathophysiology of secondary macular hole in fovea-off rhegmatogenous retinal detachment -Rajeev Muni
14:10-14.15 High-frequency electric current welding with suprachoroidal approach to treat retinal detachment: timing of morphological changes and strength of chorioretinal adhesion - Andrii Sergiienko
14:15-14.20 Direct laser photocoagulation of the Retinal pigment epithelium: A novel method to seal retinal breaks during pars plana vitrectomy for retinal detachment - Du Shu
14:20-14.25 Discussion
14.25-15.30 Update on Retinal Detachment (PPV)
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Stratos Gotzaridis, Khalid Sabti
14.25-14.30 Results of peripheral vitrectomy under air in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Tuğrul Altan
14.30-14.35 Primary pars plana vitrectomy with silicone oil tamponade for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Mehmet Orkun Şevik
14.35-14.40 Comparison of macular slippage rates in patients with primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment undergoing pars plana vitrectomy with silicone-oil or perfluoropropane gas tamponade - Sadık Altan Özal
14.40-14.45 Lyophilized amniotic membrane for Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment treatment - Sergio Rojas Juárez
14.45-14.50 A novel technique of subretinal fluid drainage in eyes with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Ziya Kapran
14.50-14.55 Discussion
14.55-15.00 Outcomes of “minimal drainage” vitrectomy for retinal detachment repair - Ahmed Sallam
15.00-15.05 The impact of short-term postoperative face-up position on unintentional retinal displacement after pars plana vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Mariano Irós
15.05-15.10 Photoreceptor integrity following pars plana vitrectomy for primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Muzaffer Şahin
15.10-15.15 PVR game - Samir El Baha
15.15-15.20 Surgical technique for closed funnel retinal detachment repair - Ahmed Mohamed Habib
15.20-15.30 Discussion
15.30-15.45 Debate
  Moderator: Gürsel Yılmaz
15.30-15.40 RD: Rajeev Muni for PnR vs Remzi Avcı for PPV
15.40-15.45 Votes
15.45-16.15 Coffee Break
16.15-16.45 GIVRE Panel on VR Surgery: Surgical Management Techniques of ILM in FTMH: Videos Session
  Moderator: Mario Romano
  Flower petals inverted flap cover technique - Danilo Iannetta
  Hemicircular ILM peeling with temporal inverted flap - Tomaso Caporossi
  Inverted ILM flap technique for secondary MH coexistent recurrent RD - Rodolfo Mastropasqua
  Visco-assisted free ILM-flap - Mario Romano
  Treatment of myopic persistent macular hole - Barbara Parolini
16.45-17.45 Challenging Cases of Surgical Retina
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Faisal Fayyad, Tansu Erakgün
16.45-16.50 Anatomical and functional outcomes of vitrectomy with silicone punctal plug for optic disc pit and associated serous macular detachment - Hussain Khaqan
16.50-16.55 Outcomes of pars plana vitrectomy for retinal detachment with chorioretinal coloboma - Murat Arıcı
16.55-17.00 A mysterious case of retinal detachment- is it really rhegmatogenous? - Katarzyna Chwiejczak
17.00-17.05 Repair with two ILM flaps in a patient with optic disc pit maculopathy who developed a full-thickness macular hole at the first surgery - Semra Tiryaki Demir
17.05-17.10 Discussion
17.10-17.15 Free ILM flap for retinal detachment secondary to juxta-papillary holes in peripapillary staphylomas - Sangeet Mittal
17.15-17.20 Early results of autologous retinal pigment epithelium-choroid transplantation for the treatment of eyes with subretinal disciform scar formation - Eyyup Karahan
17.20-17.25 Surgical results of Vitrectomy for Central Retinal Artery Occlusion - Nishikant Jaywant Borse
17.25-17.30 Hungry eyes! Management of live intravitreal cysticercus cyst with retinal detachment - Saurabh Luthra
17.30-17.35 Internal limiting membrane (ILM) surgery for myopic traction maculopathy (MTM): Should macular buckle be abandoned ? - Hassan Mortada
17.35-17.45 Discussion
17.45-18.45 Course: Pneumatic Retinopexy
  Introduction: Rajeev Muni
  PIVOT Trial Results - Kunihiko Akiyama
  Integrity in Retinal Detachment Repair - Rajeev Muni
  Pneumatic Retinopexy Basic Technique - Rajeev Muni
  Pneumatic Retinopexy Complications - Kunihiko Akiyama
  Pneumatic Retinopexy Cases: Standard and Extended Criteria - Kunihiko Akiyama, Rajeev Muni
  Extreme Pneumatics - Rajeev Muni
  How to Integrate PnR into your Practice - Kunihiko Akiyama, Rajeev Muni
September 2, 2023 / HALL 2
08.00-09.00 Course: PVR
  Moderator: Nur Acar Göçgil
  Introduction; Surgical Management of PVR-Pearls and Tricks - Nur Acar Göçgil
  Pearls for the Management of PVR - Hassan Mortada
  Surgical Treatment of and Pharmacological Adjuvant Therapy with Intravitreal Methotrexate for PVR - Özgür Artunay
  Intraoperative Adjuvant Therapy in the Treatment of PVR - Gökhan Gürelik
09.00-10.00 Course: Management of Complex RRD and its Complications
  Moderator: Hussain Khaqan
  Troacar Gauges, Types, Endo light, Viewing Systems, Cutter, Endotamponade - Tural Galbinur
  Case management of Complex Retinal Detachment, video based case presentations - Tatyana Avanesova
  Video based techniques, Retinectomy, PVR peel, Buckle plus Vitrectomy - Hussain Khaqan
  Management of redetachment - Muhammad Samir Alhadad
10.00-11.00 Course: Social Media Strategies for Ophthalmologists
  Moderator: Mohammed Tawfik
  How to do your personal brand - Mohammed Tawfik
  Social Media for Unsocial - Ahmed Habib
  Branding Teaching and Research - Ahmed Salam
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-12.30 Course: Macular Buckle
  Moderator: Barbara Parolini
  Lecturers: Levent Akduman, Ahmed Bedda, Emanuele Crincoli, Jaime Francisco Rosales Padròn
  Introduction to the course - Barbara Parolini
  History of macular buckle - Emanuele Crincoli
  Indications: MTM staging system Explanations and interactive time - Emanuele Crincoli
  Experience of real-life users in Egypt: indications, results, complications and comparison with cases treated only with vitrectomy - Ahmed Magdy Bedda
  Experience of real-life users in USA: indications, results, complications and comparison with cases treated only with vitrectomy - Levent Akduman
  Experience of real-life users in Italy: indications, results, complications and comparison with cases treated only with vitrectomy - Barbara Parolini
  Is there progression of atrophy after macular buckle? Long term result in a large case series - Jaime Francisco Rosales Padròn
  Wetlab and Q&A interacting with the speakers - Demonstration ofthe use of buckle
12:30-13.00 Satellite Symposium
Faricimab “Power of Two”: Advancing the management of nAMD and DME via Ang-2/VEGF-A dual inhibition - Bora Eldem, Figen Şermet
13.00-13.40 Lunch
13.40-14.40 Rapid Fire Talks on Surgery
  Moderators: Wael Ahmed Ewais, Mahmut Doğramacı
  Comparison of 27-gauge unimanual and 25-gauge bimanual vitrectomy outcomes of tractional retinal detachment in diabetic patients - Yusuf Cem Yılmaz
  Retinal Push Technique during vitrectomy for primary retinal detachment in children - Wael Ahmed Ewais
  To drain or not to drain - Mahmood Othman Mekkawy
  Method for vitreous body microsurgical anatomy studying - Natalia Kislitsyna
  Vitrectomy for silicone band intrusion in vitreous cavity - Hussain Khaqan
  Evaluation of the effects of silicone oil and C3F8 gas tamponade with pattern-multifocal electroretinography in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - Murat Karapapak
  Changes in the Schlemm's canal microarchitecture after silicone oil removal in retinal detachment - Gülay Yalçınkaya Çakır
  Gonioscopic and anterior segment optical coherence tomographic findings after low viscosity silicon oil removal - Çiğdem Bengi Güngör
  Experimental laboratory modelling of choroidal vasculature: a study of the dynamics of intraoperative choroidal hemorrhage during pars plana vitrectomy - Mahmut Doğramacı
  Cystic Retinal Detachment - Fathi Omar Zenbil
14.40-15.40 Rapid Fire Talks on Diabetes
  Moderators: Ahmed Mansour, Pukhraj Rishi
  The effect of dexamethasone implant application on the morphological and vascular structure of the choroid in diabetic macular edema with inflammatory biomarkers - Cemal Özsaygılı
  Comparative analysis of OCTA and ultra-wide field angiography in cases of branch retinal vein occlusion - Muhammed Altınışık
  Investigation of choroidal vascularity changes after dexamethasone treatment in diabetic macular edema - Murat Arıcı
  Relation of optical coherence tomography biomarkers and visual function in diabetic epiretinal membrane - Güner Üney
  Vascular Occlusion in young patients - Kshitij Raizada
  Comparison of aflibercept and bevacizumab analyzing central macular thickness on optical coherent tomography and best corrected visual acuity in patients with diabetic macular edema - Amila Alikadic Husovic
  Changes in the density of the vitreous body in patients with diabetic vitreopapillary traction syndrome - Dilara Babaeva
  Examining the correlation of lymphangiogenesis biomarkers with clinical condition in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) - Bağım Ayçin Çakır İnce
15.45-16.15 Coffee Break
16.45-17.45 Young EVRS Session Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Matteo Forlini, Emanuele Crincoli
16.45-16.50 Myopic macular hole-related retinal detachment in children - Hüseyin Baran Özdemir
16.50-16.55 Unexpected complication following temporal inverted ILM flap technique for maculare hole - Ayşegül Mavi Yıldız
16.55-17.00 The importance of structural OCT in the assessment of patients with central serous chorioretinopathy - Enrico Borrelli
17.00-17.05 Lens sparing surgery for retrolental stalk in persistent fetal vasculature - Youssef Abdelmassih
17.05-17.10 Is it true that macular buckle induces atrophy? A Long term review and comparison with natural history - Jaime Francisco Rosales Padròn
17.10-17.15 Phenomenology of spontaneous closure in degenerative and mixed type lamellar macular hole - Fiammetta Catania
17.15-17.20 N-Glycosylation Patterns across the Age-Related Macular Degeneration Spectrum - Ivona Bucana
17.20-17.45 Discussion
September 3, 2023 / HALL 1
08.00-08.30 APVRS Panel: Updates on DME / Vein Occlusions
  Moderator: Adrian Koh
08.00-08.05 The roles of recently approved medications for the treatment of DME - Adrian Koh
08.05-08.10 The current clinical practice for the treatment of DME - Angie Fong
08.10-08.15 Novel optical coherence tomography angiography biomarker in branch retinal vein occlusion macular edema - Wei-Chi Wu
08.15-08.20 The current clinical practice for the treatment of ME secondary to RVO - Marten Brelen
08.20-08.30 Discussion
08.30-09.00 Subthreashold laser Click here for abstracts
  Moderator: Barbara Parolini
08.30-08.35 Micropulse laser for the treatment of subretinal fluid - Barbara Parolini
08.35-08.40 Micropulse subthreshold yellow laser in the treatment of central macular edema in central serous chorioretinopathy - Mladen Zoran Brzakovic
08.40-08.45 5-year prospective RCT comparing micropulse with 1/2dose PDT - Marten Brelen
08.45-08.50 Central Serous ChorioRetinopathy treated with subthreshold 3 ns laser: A retrospective case series - Wilson Heriott
08.50-08.55 Subthreshold stimulation laser in central serous chorioretinopathy - Ivan Fišer
08.55-09.00 Discussion
09.00-09.40 Updates on Retinal Vascular Diseases
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Ivan Fišer, Vladimir Poposki
09.00-09.05 CME: Traditional approaches still work - Ivan Fišer
09.05-09.10 Evaluation of bioclinical markers to predict short term response to intravitreal anti-VEGF in treatment-naive diabetic macular edema and the “Fried Egg” sign: a novel OCT feature - Indu Govindaraj
09.10-09.15 Long-term outcomes of intravitreal dexamethasone implant for the treatment of macular edema following surgical removal of epiretinal membranes - Ali Altan Ertan Boz
09.15-09.20 Discussion
09.20-09.25 Does epiretinal membrane affect diabetic macular edema treatment results? - Büşra Güner Sönmezoğlu
09.25-09.30 Foveal sparing ILM peeling in the treatment of the tractional diabetic macular edema - Bernardete Bela Pessoa
09.30-09.35 Psychophysical changes due to visual loss in diabetic patients - Vladimir Poposki
09.35-09.40 Discussion
09.40-10.20 AMD and Medical Retina Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Judy Kim, Daniela Bacherini
09.40-09.45 The İmpact of OCT double layer sign characteristics on long-term visual prognosis of patients with non-exudative age related macular degeneration - Ayşegül Mavi Yıldız
09.45-09.50 Future of anti-VEGF- Biosimilars and biobetters - Dhanashree Ratra
09.50-09.55 Effect of vitreomacular traction on the intraocular vascular endothelial growth factor and placental growth factor levels in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration - Tugçe Horozoğlu Ceran
09.55-10.00 Prognostic impact of the vitreomacular interface in the treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration - Püren Işık
10.00-10.05 High dose aflibercept treatment in naive neovascular age-related macular degeneration: A real life data - Seren Mert Pehlivanoğlu
10.05-10.10 Long-term retinal pigment epithelium detachment and drusen changes in eyes with non-neovascular aged related macular degeneration - Aylin Karalezli
10.10-10.20 Discussion
10.20-10.35 Debate
  Moderator: Adrian Koh
10.20-10.30 Deveraj Supramaniam for biosimilars vs Figen Şermet for original molecules
10.30-10.35 Votes
10.35-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.30 Panel: Turkish Ophthalmological Association: OCTA is a Must
  Moderator: Sema Oruç Dündar
11.00-11.05 CSR-Pachychoroid disease - Sibel Demirel
11.05-11.10 Exudative MNV - Nurten Ünlü
11.10-11.15 Inflammatory MNV - Sibel Kadayıfçılar
11.15-11.20 Myopic MNV - Selçuk Sızmaz
11.20-11.25 Nonexudative MNV - Figen Şermet
11.25-11.30 Discussion
11.30-12.25 Updates on Imaging Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Mehmet Numan Alp, Ali Erginay
11.30-11.35 Evaluation of retinal microvascular structures changes by optical coherence tomography angiography in rheumatoid arthritis using hydroxychloroquine - Ayna Sariyeva Ismayilov
11.35-11.40 Oral fluorescein angiography using broadline imaging technology for retinal disease - Sangeet Mittal
11.40-11.45 Comparing the effects of silicone-oil and perfluoropropane gas tamponade on macular microcirculation in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment treated with vitrectomy: an optical coherence tomography angiography study - Ece Özal
11.45-11.50 Correlation of the clinical findings with the extend of deep vascular plexus changes in patients with macular telangiectasia type 2: An OCTA study - Özge Yanık Odabaş
11.50-11.55 Discussion
11.55-12.00 The place of a new Wide-Field swept source optical coherence tomography angiography canon xephilio in retinal diseases - Ali Erginay
12.00-12.05 Prominent henle fiber layer in optical coherence tomography - Pınar Kaya
12.05-12.10 Long Term OCT changes after treatment in chronic CSCR - Figen Bezci Aygün
12.10-12.15 The role of Peripheral retinal OCT in vitreoretinal disorders - Daniela Bacherini
12.15-12.20 Peripheral and central retinal vascular changes in asymptomatic family members of patients with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy - Atike Burçin Tefon Arıbaş
12.20-12.25 Discussion
12.25-14:00 Updates on Uveal Diseases & Endophthalmitis
Click here for abstracts
  Moderators: Ahmed Sallam, Süleyman Kaynak
12.25-12.30 Adjunctive intravitreal anti-VEGF and moxifloxacin therapy in the management of intraocular tubercular granulomas - Manisha Agarwal
12.30-12.35 Clinical presentation and outcome of patients with endogenous endophthalmitis: A case series - Şerife Çiloğlu Hayat
12.35-12.40 Retrospective analysis of characteristics and visual outcomes of patients with endogenous endophthalmitis - Furkan Çam
12.40-12.45 Posterior segment ocular findings in critically ill patients with COVID-19 - Rosa Maria Romero Castro
12.45-12.50 Discussion
12.50-12.55 OCT/OCTA biomarkers in uveitis - Omer Othman Abdullah
12.55-13.00 Choroidal vascularity index and iris thickness in bilateral acute iris transillumination - Pınar Kaya
13.00-13.05 Posterior vitreous attachment as a risk factor for endophthalmitis following intravitreal antivascular endothelial growth factor injection - Durgul Acan
13.05-13.10 Visual and clinical outcomes of pars plana vitrectomy in patients with uveitis - Berru Yargı Özkoçak
13.10-13.15 Discussion
13.15-13.20 Silicone Oil in the Surgical Management of Endophthalmitis - Murat Öncel
13.20-13.25 Decoding the enigma of Serpiginous Choroiditis - Kshitij Raizada
13.25-13.30 Retrospective evaluation of neuroretinitis cases in a tertiary care clinic - Meryem Feyza Çiçek
13.30-13.40 Discussion
14:00-14:15 Closing Ceremony
14:15-15:00 Lunch
September 3, 2023 / HALL 2
09.00-09.30 EVRS Retina Premier League
  Moderators: Sangeet Mittal, Giampaolo Gini
Barbara Parolini, Nishikant Jaywant Borse, Maged Mikhael Gergess, Neeraj Sanduja, Jayanto Guha, Susana Teixeira
Eleonara Beatriz Lavaque, Prashant Bawankule, Manisha Agarwal , Hussain Khaqan, Şengül Özdek, Saurabh Luthra
10.00-11.00 Course: Ocular Oncology for Retina Specialists
  Moderator: Murat Hasanreisoğlu
10:00-10:10 Intraocular metastatic lesions - Martina Angi
10:10-10:20 Is it genuine or pseudo? - Tuba Atalay
10:20-10:30 The Great Masquerade - Pukhraj Rishi
10:30-10:40 Uveal Pigmented Lesions; Beauty or the Beast? - Murat Hasanreisoğlu
10:40-10:50 Intraocular tumors in opaque ocular media - Ihab Saad Othman
10:50-11:00 Discussion
11.10-12.10 Course: Diabetic Vitrectomy
  Moderator: Hassan Mortada
  Management of Diabetic traction RD - Samir El Baha
  Management of combined traction/rhegmatogenous RD - Tansu Erakgün
  Diabetic Vitreomacular interface disorders - Hassan Mortada
  Postoperative recurrent RD - Hassan Mortada